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June 24, 2019

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June 24, 2019

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You Are Enough

June 16, 2017

It's so normal for us to feel like we're not enough.  To feel like the moment we have that car, that house, that dog, that person...then we'll be happy.  Then we'll feel complete.


The truth is, we are all perfectly complete right now and have always been.  When we were babies, we lived in that place of complete allowing.  We weren't worried about being too chunky.  We weren't worried about what other people were thinking about us.  We didn't feel bad for taking a nap, or eating too much, or crying...But as we got older, we had experiences, we had influence, we developed fears.  


                                                         Quote by Juliet Meggs


None of this is bad.  We all go through this just in various environments, surrounded by different people and with our own unique experiences.  We learned things that we did not like which helped us learn better what we do like.  And now we're adults.


As adults, we have beliefs that we've developed.  We know what we're good at, not so good at, comfortable with, habits we enjoy or don't.  


All of the experiences up until now have brought us here, to this very moment.


How do you feel at this very moment?  Do you feel satisfied, do you feel fulfilled, do you feel worried, afraid, angry, excited, eager...? Once you're aware of how you're feeling, notice what you're thinking about feeling this way.  Are you OK with how you're feeling, or are you judging yourself for feeling that way?


Now whatever it is that you've been saying to yourself, say:


"And I love that."


For example, "I feel afraid and I love that." This is something I've recently learned from seeing Kyle Cease in "Evolving Out Loud", a transformative experience combined with comedy. {I highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel.}


When we feel a certain way, and acknowledge the way we're feeling by saying "And I love that", we are accepting ourselves fully.  It's not realistic to want to feel happy all of the time and not expect to ever feel anything else such as sadness, fear, anger etc.  We are perfect in our imperfectness.  By giving ourselves the space to feel those emotions and acknowledge them, we allow for them to be there and then they can disappear.  By choosing to ignore or suppress our feelings,  they will just continue to show up at different times in our lives.


You are enough, flaws and all.  When we align with the wholeness of ourselves, we live authentically.  Be yourself, unapologetically.  


The world desperately needs each and every one of us to put our hearts into our passions and spread whatever message speaks to our souls.  



Alexa Janell




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