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June 24, 2019

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We've Been Sleeping in a Tent!?

August 29, 2017



We've been sleeping in a tent in our backyard, for two weeks now...just because we've felt like it.  Well what had happened was..one night at about 8pm, Steve woke up from a nice long nap.  He stepped outside, and quickly came back excited and surprised that there was still some day light lingering.  He asked, "Do you wanna set the tent up out back and hang out in there?"  

"Sure!"  I replied.


Rewind to before the tent:  Steve and I live in a house that we rent with several other roommates.  Everyone in our home is Vegan, which is extremely important for all of us living here. My husband, myself and our sweet little River have been sleeping in the basement for the past year.  


It's been nice having our own separate space for a little privacy; we are still newlyweds after all.  Of course this living arrangement is and has always been a stepping stone to our next big eerhh..little goal, I mean little home! What I'm trying to say is that we have been planning to build our very own tiny house for quite some time now.  This dream is finally coming into fruition as the building process has begun!


Back to the tent:  We really enjoyed sleeping outside!  The next day I was off of work at the restaurant.  On a typical day "off", I would drive to a coffee shop that has some vegan options and a nice environment and spend hours upon hours editing photos.  Being in a dark, dreary basement gets old pretty quickly and my energy felt stale when I spent a lot of time down there.  So I'd usually escape to a place with lots of caffeine and other people trying to be productive with their day.


Since we woke up outside and had an extension cord running to the tent, I was able to set my laptop up, make some coffee and work from the comforts of our home!  But the sun came out and it got really hot, really quickly.  My eyes kept glancing over to this perfect little spot, curious if I could manage to shove the tent inside of the space inside of the rhododendron bush...so I tried, and with some effort, Succeeded!!


Sitting in the tent, in the shade of the rhody, with my laptop, coffee and chihuahua felt magical. Two weeks have gone by and we have felt no desire to return back to the basement.  We've been working extremely hard building the tiny house in the same yard that we have been happily sleeping in.  




Every day adds something new to our journey and I have been feeling strongly like writing and sharing it with others.  When I talk to new friends, and show them a peak into our unique world and see the reactions, I am reminded that to most people we are weird! LOL..  We have been vegan for almost two years, we packed up and moved across the country (sleeping in our truck along the way), we are building a tiny house and we've been sleeping in a tent just because!  


Every day we experience challenges, learn lessons and grow stronger.  If any of these topics or just following our journey excites you or sparks your curiosity, I hope you will sign up to my new e-mail subscription!  I have been wanting to put together so much content lately full of photographs, videos and blogs that I hope will inspire, educate and simply entertain.  By joining our e-mail list you will receive a weekly e-mail with the latest blog post about our tiny house journey, adventures we embark on, vegan events/activism experiences, and so much more!


My next few blogs will include:


~Our Crazy Solar Eclipse Adventure to Oregon!



~Climbing Mt.St.Helen's (with a beautiful surprise at the summit!)


~Our Tiny House Dream Come True!


Check out our first video of us beginning to build the tiny house!



~Vegan Weddings <3 <3 <3



Thank you so much for reading!  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!





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