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June 24, 2019

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Vegan Summer Market

June 24, 2019

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Traveling Vegan

March 21, 2018

One of my favorite things about traveling is exploring all of the amazing vegan restaurants that exist.  Williamsburg Brooklyn  is where I was born and raised until I was 16 years old.  Never did I ever think that one day I'd be a vegan, honestly, I didn't even know what vegan meant until a few years ago.


Last night I flew out of Sea-tac Airport to surprise my family on the East Coast.  As I write this, they still have no idea that I'm here.  I probably would have went straight to posting on social media, but since I'm a secret, blogging felt naturally right.  The inspiration that I feel from visiting new places with delicious, creative vegan meals is magical.


Before even leaving Seattle, I was so excited to try out the new vegetarian spot at the airport.  Cafe Flora's sister restaurant Floret was right next to the terminal I was flying out of.   I had just enough time to eat a delicious black bean burger with sun-dried tomatoes , yam fries and a Porter to wash it down.





3,000 miles later,  I arrived at J.F.K. airport, and before I even exited the plane I was googling "vegan breakfast in Williamsburg".  One spot in particular caught my eye named "Little Choc Apothecary". They have 100% vegan and gluten free crepes, sweet and savory!  I was in desperate need of some coffee, with very little sleep on the plane and a three hour time difference.  


The adorable cafe is walking distance to my grandma's place.  I know there will be nothing for me to eat at my grandma's anymore as the concept of veganism is completely foreign to her.  Regardless of how much I try to explain that I do not eat anything made of animals, she forgets by the time we speak again..


The vibe in here is just lovely.  There are entrepreneurs with their laptops, skyping and collaborating.  Just being here made me feel like whipping out my camera and laptop to put something together while the inspiration is flowing.  




The decor is very "Brooklyn" with its red brick walls. There's also a chic, cozy feel with wooden tables, beautiful plants and clear jars storing some dry goods.  The music is fun and keeping an upbeat momentum for all of us dining and creating.



 I started out with a coconut milk latte.  I think I may be a little spoiled with Seattle coffee..but it'll do.  I had a hard time deciding between sweet or savory and ended up going with a chia jam crepe with almonds and bananas! Quite tasty I must say.  




This is only the beginning of my mini vacay.  There will be many more vegan eats along the way. I am excited to continue exploring! 'Til later...

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