Small Business Branding Sessions

Welcome to Alexa Janell Photography. I'm so happy you're here!
Today more than ever, creating an online presence
for small businesses is a must, and I am passionate about helping small businesses owners grow!

If you know how important social media marketing is and
you don't know how to get started, or just want some help creating beautiful images to share online, you're in the right place!

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Our Philosophy

Alexa Janell Photography is proud to offer beautiful, environmentally friendly vegan products!

Every item created through Alexa Janell Photography is carefully paired with the best lab suited to fulfill your vision.

From Sustainable Metal Prints to the most sustainable paper and inks available.

Alexa Janell Photography's mission is to be 100% Vegan! 
From your Photographer to your Wall Canvases, Albums,
Prints, Frames and more!
Create sustainable, beautiful art and memories you can enjoy for a lifetime!

Hello and Welcome to Alexa Janell Photography!! 

I am overjoyed that you stopped by my site! A little background about me... I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and moved to Virginia; where I lived for 11 years and met my husband Steve. I discovered my passion for photography after photographing a passionflower with my cell phone one hot summer day. I was gifted my first camera over 10 years ago and have been teaching myself photography via the internet, photography groups and lots of practice! Steve and I traveled across the country sleeping in our D.I.Y. mobile hotel A.K.A. the back of our pickup truck in 2015. We now live in Tacoma, WA where we spent 2 years building/living in our tiny home! We became Vegan on January 1, 2016 and had a shift in perspective on life! We recently bought a bigger house to make space for our newest addition, our son Ira Gene :) Today I am learning how to find that sweet spot of the work/life balance being a mompreneur!

Feel free to check out my blogs to hear my thoughts on motherhood, meditation and more :)