“There’s no greater wealth than peace and contentment and joy and silence of Being. This is the wealth of the human expression of consciousness.”


This ‘place of peace’ always exists. It is always available to us.

Our minds might try and make us believe otherwise.. ‘how can I be at peace when the world is falling apart?!’

The world may seem crazy around us, perhaps a reflection of us listening to our minds...but throughout the perceived chaos, exists this peace..

Our job is to practice Being in this peace. Give our Selves a break from the chatter of the mind. Allow ourselves to be a human Being for a change..practice Being.

This isn’t a way to escape from the world, rather allow ourselves to step away for a moment and observe clearly, from an objective point of view..get our heads from out of the storm, so that we can see clearly.

Find the windows of opportunities to step into the stillness. They are always available, we just have to practice focusing on them ❤️