"Release. Accept. Gently Rise Above. 

Your Truest path forward is the path of Compassion." 


The mornings are my sacred time. Lately I've been doing my best to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, in order to enjoy and be in the silence. When possible I use this time to do some yoga, meditation (my practice is not a linear one, rather depends on my mood that day), shower, coffee and draw a few cards from my Oracle decks in order to connect and receive guidance from Spirit. 


I am aware that my morning routine may be unique from others and there is nothing “wrong” with that. However, the message of Compassion that I received on this particular morning is one that connects with everyone so I encourage, as with all of the words I share that you take whatever serves your highest good and let go of anything that does not, without judgement. Thanks 😊 


This blog is one that I actually began a couple of days ago and thanks to a defective computer, it vanished into the ether when my computer randomly shut off without saving. Any who, I am re writing this now and from two days older than when I started it.   


I do remember that I started writing this after drawing three cards from my Chakra Oracle deck, "Honesty, Compassion and Home". These are all messages that I have received several times in the recent past, I actually have been mostly getting a rotation of a group of cards over the past couple of months, which lets me know that I still have lessons there to learn. The message of honesty is a reminder for me to speak my highest truth. It is a message for me to really evaluate myself and become aware of my shadows. By becoming aware of the darkness, I can then bring light to these areas of myself that have been tucked away still holding reins on me. I am being encouraged to share my truth, which isn't always easy, but will continue to align me with my highest Self. I am being reminded that there is no "good" or "bad" and everything that has occurred in my life has been a part of creating the woman that I am today and that is a woman of honesty and of compassion. 


My next card was Compassion. This came as a reminder to be kind to myself.   


"Yes, it is also time to have compassion with yourself. Treat yourself with the same love and acceptance that you would share with someone that you deeply care about. Talk to yourself in a loving way. Encourage yourself. Look for the positive in your life. Remember that you are human and you are learning, growing and evolving each day. So love your humanness and support each rising step on this journey with compassion." 


I currently have multiple balls in the air and can easily beat myself up mentally if I focus on all that I "have to get done". I am being reminded to trust the process, know that I would never be given more than I could handle, remember that everything happens exactly the way it's supposed to and the Universe has my back. And remember to Be, not just do.. 


I wouldn’t be honoring my Truth if I didn’t say that when I first read the messages of this card I thought of how others I know could relate to this message. We are all reflections of one another and for some reason it’s easier to see things in other people before we see it in ourselves..(am I alone on this?) 


“The call to compassion is a call to accept people and situations for who they are and where they are at. As we let go of judgement and the need to 'fix' a situation or label things as good or bad, we begin to realize that every situation carries with it a gift and that we each have unique lessons to learn. By judging or focusing on each others' faults we contribute to keeping each other stuck in those places. Often our lack of acceptance of other people stems from a deeper judgement of ourselves. As we learn to see and treat each other in our highest light, we help open the passage for each to find his or her way up into the sun…before you judge someone for their shortcomings or mistakes, take a moment to genuinely feel what it's like to stand in their shoes. Experience the world as they might and allow yourself to drop into a space of compassion. See them rising up and shining in full glory. See yourself in the same way.” 


Each of us has our own responsibility to be better every day. We do this first she foremost by having compassion for our Selves. By taking time each day for Self care, to acknowledge and intentionally be in the Silence, the peace that we connect with can then radiate and ripple out creating the change that will serve the highest good of all.  

“Honor yourself and others with the flower of compassion."