This is me after having a good little cry and taking a few deep breaths.

This is a not a post for sympathy nor is it a post for concern.

All is well. I am blessed. And I am grateful.

This is a post of what reality looks like sometimes. There are difficult and challenging moments that we all experience in our own lives and in our own ways. This is motherhood in a challenging moment. This is what this morning looked like for me.

Anxiety.. Overwhelment.. Stress..

I'm choosing to share this because

1. I am a storyteller and this is a part of my story.

2. I know I’m not the only one who experiences these same emotions.

3. I gratefully have tools to bring me back home, to my Self, which I know others may find beneficial.

This is a small part of what my home looked like after returning home from a week long trip to Michigan for a funeral this weekend.

I usually try and wake up before the baby in order to have an hour or two to myself each day, to be in silence, do a little yoga, meditate and overall have a little me time, uninterrupted.

This morning that was not the case as our morning routine was non existent due to time changes and exhaustion from a cross country trip. Instead of having the time to connect with my highest self [that which resides and is the stillness that lays beyond the mind and is accessible always] I was swept away by my mind and thoughts, which tend to speak louder and easily can run the show if I haven’t grounded and set intentions for the day.

I cried as the baby cried.. hungry for my attention that was scattered like the junk around my house.

Through my tears, I remembered to breath deep. Sitting down on a small open space on the couch, I chose to close my eyes and breathe deep a few times. I allowed myself to notice the areas of my body relaxing with each long exhale. My shoulders slowly lowering, my jaw loosening and eyes softening. I listened to the sounds around me, the white noise machine and the whining of my baby in his crib. I allowed myself to let go of the thoughts crowding my head, mentally moving them aside so that I could be in the space, in the stillness, where I was able to hear my highest Self.

In this very brief moment was where the inspiration for this post came to be, so I opened my eyes and took these photos. The baby’s whines turned into a cry and I felt ready to hold him again. I was able to give him the attention he craved, with compassion now that I had reconnected with my highest Self.

And here I am writing this post as the baby sleeps attached to my breast..still surrounded by the physical mess in my home but with clarity in my mind and peace in my body.. able to focus and strategize without the stress and anxiety.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening and if this resonates at all, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

{It’s nighttime now and the day went well. There’s still lots to be done but lots of progress was made and without all the stress! Amazing what a little conscious breathing can do!!}