When I was in labor I remember my doula telling me in between contractions,

"That one's done, let it go and relax. Get ready for the next one."

This memory popped into my head as my crying baby paused for a few minutes, distracted by daddy and the lights of his bear..as I quickly devoured my food over the kitchen counter, before he'd start screaming again.. I remembered, that moment of him crying had past. Yes, it will come again, but until then breathe, let go of that last one...get ready for the next by relaxing in the now.. in this split moment of silence.

In that present breath, my mind zoomed out even further.. seeing our human lives as series of these emotional waves that are inevitable!

If we pause more, breathe more consciously in between the waves..we will be more prepared for that next big crash.. the next tantrum, next heartbreak, next winter or even death..

If we let go of those moments that have past and regroup, re- ground in the present, even if only for two minutes, we will show up so much better in the future, for ourselves and for those around us.