Another vulnerable post..

The inspiration is flowing in difficult moments so might as well share!

I still struggle..

Even with having the tools and knowledge to come back to the stillness that always exists within, it’s still hard sometimes.

Sometimes it feels like the sounds of the physical world, the yelling and crying are louder than my own thoughts. Sometimes it feels like the walls are caving in around me to the point that I feel like yelling back..

a reaction that only happens when I have lost that connection to my Self..

..a reaction that does not come from a place of compassion and does not help resolve anything at all, instead does the opposite and piles on more negative energy.

In this moment it feels like this struggle will never end. But it always does!

Finding that window of opportunity to fall back into the stillness, even if only for two breaths, brings me back home, to my Self..the place where peace lives.

The place where I am a human, being..not doing, for just a moment.. not thinking, for just a moment..allowing myself a taste of bliss.

Any attachment to this blissful moment is a recipe for disappointment. I release the bliss as the cries escalate again.. returning to the present moment with just a little more grace.

Enough grace that my energy, the vibrations that I am emitting are able to permeate my son’s energy long enough to dress him and and rock him to sleep.. a connection that was all he longed for.

I will not beat myself up for taking a moment to recharge, to realign with my Self. It was a moment that served my highest good and therefore the highest good of those around me. We must put on our oxygen mask before putting one on anyone else’s..