The year is 2022...time certainly does fly when you're having fun! Mom life is no joke. It's a rollercoaster of a ride that never ends. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Every day I practice gratitude for this life I'm living.

And all the while, my dreams continue to exist parallel to the mothering of our child.

The past year for me has looked like a lot of time at home... entertaining, breastfeeding, cleaning, laughing, crying, hugging and kissing. It also included some traveling despite the current climate. We had the blessing of visiting Tennessee, Hawaii (twice!), Puerto Rico and Virginia to visit family.

I haven't shared much like I used to, showing the inside of my life, aside from a bit on IG (@alexa.janell). I've had many strong urges to share, but I allowed fear to get in my way. Our society has become quite divided over the past couple of years. Differences of opinions and choices no longer seem to be accepted by society. It's either one way or the other.

I've been afraid of judgements and criticisms and have allowed that to hold me back. But I'm finally free of that fear.

I am choosing to share my Truth for those who resonate and want to hear me.

I've been influenced and inspired by so many amazing women sharing their Truth. Women like @Tashhaynes and @jasminestar and @Marieforleo who are all doing the Damn thing!! Women who are creating successful businesses that educate and inspire while breaking glass ceilings! They are paving the way and showing others how to create a life that we love while helping others along the way.

I believe we all have Truth to share from our own perspective, that is valuable to someone. It is our responsibility to share that, regardless of what others might think. Our Truth might not be for them and that's ok.

This is for you reading this who is feeling inspired. I will be sharing a lot more and "consistency" is my word for this year, so I welcome you to help hold me accountable if you feel so inclined :) I'm holding myself accountable by putting this out into the world and I'm honestly so excited for what's to come this year!

I'll be sharing about my motherhood journey with a toddler, our breastfeeding journey that's still going, cloth diapering, vegan food, photography tips and more! I'd love to hear from you too! If there's something you'd like me to share about, please let me know.

Thanks for reading and following along on our journey through life. Remember to speak your Truth.